In a popular culture that has flaunted sex and a religious culture that has shamed it, we are partnering with the local body of Christ to shine light on God's beautiful plan and purpose for sex.

Shasta YFC’s Heritage Abstinence Program continues to have a life-changing effect on students since it began in 2005. Hundreds of local youth participate in the week-long class each year that teaches students the important values and rewards of waiting until marriage to engage in sexual relationships.

The curriculum includes current national and local statistics surrounding sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy, along with the various physical and emotional outcomes that result.  Students are encouraged to examine their personal values desired in a boyfriend or girlfriend verses a husband or wife and why we should respect others rather than viewing them as objects.  There is a lot of interactive dialogue helping the kids recognize the impact the media makes on young people to influence their thinking toward sexual involvement at a young age.  Students hear testimonies of individuals that have made mistakes and how those mistakes affected them, their families, their education and their future.  The week concludes with tools for students to use to avoid situations that could lead to compromise and how to say “no” when necessary.

Of the students participating, 81% of them have made commitments to abstain from all sexual activity until marriage.  It is quite rewarding to hear the students’ appreciation for helping them understand the importance of waiting and for the tools to say "NO!"

This very timely and important program is offered to several school districts free each year.  The cost YFC absorbs is around $25 per student for training tools, workbooks and videos, which doesn't include the many hours of preparation and presentation from an entirely volunteer staff.  We have received letters of intent from over a dozen local school districts to present the material to over 2000 students.  The only thing holding us back is finances.  If you or someone you know has the heart to see young lives transformed in this area and the means to assist either financially or with volunteer services, please contact us.

Carley's Testimony

It was a normal Redding spring day when Grandma met her granddaughter, Carley, for lunch. Carley walked up to Grandma and said, “Did you know that I’m worth waiting for.” Grandma asked Carley what she meant so Carley continued on to explain that this week there are guest speakers in one of her classes speaking on the value of abstaining from sexual activity outside of marriage and how she is worth saving herself for marriage, not needing to give the gift of herself in sex to anyone other than her husband someday. Grandma smiled big and affirmed, “Yes, you are worth waiting for!” 

Inspired by this student’s response, each student now receives a bracelet at the final session that reads: “I’m Worth Waiting For” in order to reinforce the abstinence message and remind the students of the message to wait and keep sexual activity for marriage alone. It is our hope and desire that like this young lady many more come to know and live by the truth of this message.