Our Mission

YFC reaches young people everywhere, working together with the local church and other like-minded partners to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus who lead by their godliness in lifestyle, devotion to prayer and the Word of God, passion for sharing the love of Christ and commitment to social involvement.


Campus Life Middle School is Youth for Christ Shasta's primary ministry. Campus Life helps young people establish a solid foundation for life and impact their schools. Click here to be taken directly to our Campus Life page.



Our Abstienence Program teaches young people about God's plan and purpose for sex. The program creates safe space to talk about the difficult issues and coaches students to live lives of purity. Click here to be taken directly to our Abstinence Program page.

In 2014, Youth for Christ Shasta launched a new ministry initiative to accomplish our mission more effectively than ever.

The Challenge

  • Nationally, we are seeing fewer kids following Christ. Some believe this generation is the least churched of any generation before it and is considered “the skeptical generation”.
  • It is believed that 30% of these young people identify themselves as atheists. 
  • In the US, there are approximately 69,000 middle schools and high schools with 24 million students between the ages of 11-17.  Of these students at least 15 million do not regularly attend church services.

Youth for Christ USA has been addressing this population since 1965 though Campus Life Clubs contained within the public school system. Following the example of Christ and in true YFC fashion, we physically go to where the kids are to run Campus Life Clubs and meet them at their level spiritually. The National Office believes these Clubs to be their most impactful ministry. Less than 10 years ago, we had Campus Life Clubs on 24 school campuses.  But, by June 2014 that number diminished to only 7.    

As a Board, we needed to address the reason for this drastic decrease in ministry sites. When we consider the Great Commission in the Gospel of Matthew 28:19-20, the Lord instructs us to “make disciples of all nations … teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you.”  We recognized that Youth for Christ Shasta in and of itself was not equipped to effectively continue “to teach” and “make disciples of” young people who made decisions to recieve Christ because we lacked the time, programs, volunteers and administrative framework it would take to accomplish such a vision. To sustain momentum with our Clubs, we needed to run programs that engaged students beyond the threshold of salvation and partner with the larger body of Christ in our community. We concluded that the answer rested in closer and more purposeful relationships with the local churches.

The Local Church

If a local church, in close proximity to a school we serve, would join in partnering with YFC Shasta to act on our behalf as “program facilitators” (developing the necessary relationships with students through their own resources such as their own youth program), young people would continue to receive discipleship.  In this manner, YFC Shasta would be able to maximize its impact and fulfill its mission to be a bridge to the church for the massive demographic of students who have little to no exposure to the gospel of Jesus Christ on a regular basis. In this program model shift, YFC Shasta would provide the following: screening of volunteers (church teams), insurance, relationship with the school districts, program curriculum and training of the church teams.  Then, we would “send them out” to facilitate YFC Shasta’s programs with our continued administrative oversight.

The Answer

Toward this goal, we have been meeting with the area's pastors from many different denominations and church fellowships to share this new direction and ask for input and interest in partnering with YFC Shasta.  It has been very well received with new church-driven YFC ministry happening as we speak. As always, we will need lots of volunteers, but as our church partners commit to reaching our public schools, we believe this new church-driven team model will supply us the volunteer help we need to reach kids for Christ!

The Call

In addition to volunteers, we will also need extra financial support.  As described above, in this new direction of our ministry, we will be assisting the church teams with what they need to deliver and facilitate YFC Shasta's programs.  At this time of transition, your help is especially requested. We ask you to prayerfully consider becoming a supporter and joining us in the “casting of seeds and watering” of His word and life-giving truth.  Would you please consider becoming a monthly supporter of God's Kingdom work through YFC Shasta this year? Please click here to learn how you can sow into students' lives by donating to YFC Shasta. It is our desire to recapture the number of Campus Life Clubs on public school campuses we had in past years, and to expand our influence within the public school system over this next year and the years to come!