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YFC is committed to pursuing teenagers in their world, sharing with them the hope and love that God has for them. 

YFC will consistently strive to develop safe, bridge-building relationships with middle school and high school students through the different programs that we have to offer. 

As students come to know the hope and love that God has to offer, our belief is that a teenager’s life will be impacted eternally.

Youth for Christ offers the following types of programs for youth in the Shasta area:

  • Campus Life Middle School Clubs

    Campus Life Clubs are formed as an after-school program on many of the local middle schools in the Shasta area.



  • Juvenile Justice Ministries

    YFC’s Juvenile Justice Ministry serves teens in the Shasta County Juvenile Hall two evenings each week and assists teens and families in the juvenile court system.

  • Campus Chaplain Program

    The CL School Chaplain Program assists teens facing various forms of crisis on 10 public high schools in the North State



  • Horse Program

    The Campus Life Horse Program utilizes equestrian training to build character, self-esteem and respect into the lives of struggling students. 

  • Abstinence Program

    The Heritage Abstinence Program is taught annually in public schools to help students understand the value of sex within the guidelines of marriage as well as the consequences of promiscuity in the forms of emotional pain and physical STD’s.

  • FreedomSk8 Ministry

    FreedomSk8 Ministry reaches out to teens by providing a portable skateboard park that can be set up nearly anywhere to create a safe skate venue with a spiritual component to expose skaters to the Gospel.

  • New Way for Teens Mentoring Program

    The "New Way for Teens" Mentoring Program was created for 
    "At-Risk" youth in the North State. The benefites of one-on-one relationships between caring adults and teens released from juvenile halls or assigned to community or continuation schools is impacting the future of these youth. What has distinguished "New Way for Teens" is the expertise of our mentoring team that have combined experience of over 100 years of working with this culture of the youth population. They understand the importance of Mentor/Mentee matches resulting from interactive side-by-side training together. The Mentors are committed to at least one year of weekly meetings with their Mentees which includes: outings; Saturday trainings; retreats; vocational classes; drug & alcohal classes; tutoring when necessary; and exploring the outdoor activities of hiking, fishing and backpacking.

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