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  • Michael G. Mitchell

    Executive Director

    By profession, I am a business and organizational consultant but by passion, I have a heart and desire to reach the youth of today with Christ’s love and truth.  Shasta County is beautiful place to live but not always an easy place to grown up with difficulties within the family unit and other socioeconomic challenges facing the youth of today.   I have spent some 20 years in Jr. High ministry at my local church and  believe that the task of reaching these youth is a worthy one if we can spare even one teenager from a life of hopelessness and self-destruction to a rich life while on earth and then an eternity in Christ; the very mission of YFC.  I believe that time is now as the “harvest is great and the laborers are few”.  I am blessed to have four adult children, a wonderful wife of 32 years and three grandchildren (now that is just plain wonderful)!  My favorite seasons of the year are clearly the Fall and Winter months where I pursue yet another passion in the pursuit of God’s third greatest creation (after man and woman of course) the Steelhead Trout.

  • Jeff Prentice

    Campus Life Coordinator

    After obtaining a B.A in Music Education and Character in Leadership from the University of Jamestown in 2013, I served as the Ministry Director at James Valley Youth for Christ in Jamestown, ND. During my years there volunteering and working on staff with YFC, I quickly developed a passion for the organization's mission and adopted the 3Story evangelism model as a personal philosophy. In my free time, I love to hike/rock climb, spend time with friends, and write worship music. My lovely wife, Marissa, and I were married in August of 2013 and currently attend Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry.

    Out of the overflow of incredible love God has shown me, my passion is to live out His purpose for me by being a bold witness in word and deed to the good news of salvation through Jesus. As the youth of today shape our future, God has given me a specific burden for young people--that they would experience the same infinite love, grace and power that I have come to know in Him! The opportunity to serve with Youth for Christ where I might be a reflection of God's love for these kids is an incredible honor.